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Gorlin Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Gorlin) is a variation of a P. Cubensis mushroom created by unknown mycologists in British Columbia. This new variation is rare and not very popular yet. The master grower who developed this variation describes it as a cross between the Golden Teacher and Ecuadorian mushrooms. We are told it was by chance this strain was created and the result was a stable and consistent bed of mushrooms. 

The Gorlin shrooms are characterized by golden round caps with thicker stems in pale white color. This is in line with its lineage, as Golden Teachers are known for its golden caps and the Ecuadorian are known to be thick. The mushrooms are short and stout rather than long and skinny. The hearty and thicker stems bruise easily indicating its psilocin content (another active ingredient that supports psilocybin).  


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