Funguy Chocolate Bar Leading Psilocybin Chocolates Into The  Future

Fun guy Chocolate has been a growing trend with regard to psilocybin chocolates. Our deliciously made Fun Guy chocolate bars contain psilocybin, making it a tasty way to consume the Funguy mushroom. For many people, the actual taste of fresh or dried Funguy mushrooms isn’t appealing because it’s too earthy.  But, adding them to chocolate is a delightful solution. Funguy chocolate bars are all over the United States. Purchase with a discount on our website.

Our Funguy shrooms delicacies don’t come cheap because of the time and effort it takes to make them, providing proper dosage for customers and also ensuring that they taste good. For most shroom chocolate consumers, they are a luxurious but healthy snack.
The practice of combining psilocybin with chocolate is by no means new. It has a long Tradition and History starting with the Aztecs who have been known to mix psilocybin mushrooms with cocoa, two Natural ingredients that thrive in Mexico.

Fun Guy Chocolate Benefits

The benefits of Funguy Chocolate bar includes;

  • stress and anxiety relief
  • increased brain activity,
  • creativity and
  • also effective for treating depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, and addiction.

Fun guy Chocolate bars come in a wide array of choices, flavors, ingredients, and doses. Depending on your experience with psilocybin (funguy mushroom) in the past, you can choose from low or high doses which you can break down on the basis of the dosage on the label.

Funguy Chocolate  Bar Ingredients

Our Funguy chocolate bars contain the following basic ingredients;

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Fun Guy Blend
  • Vanilla and
  •  Himalayan Pink Salts.

Please note all our Funguy chocolate Bars are gluten-free, vegan, and dairy free.

Funguy Chocolate Effects

To begin with, similarly to other psilocybin products, the effects of Fun Guy Chocolates are subjective and can vary considerably among individual users. Secondly the mind-altering effects of Funguy mushrooms in chocolates typically last from three to eight hours depending on the number of Funguy chocolate bars consumed, and an individual’s personal metabolism. Buy fun guy mushroom chocolate mushrooms near me.

Also, Fun Guy chocolates make experiences more intense. So if a person enters a trip in an anxious state of mind, we guarantee they experience a high degree of anxiety on their trip. Most consumers of this shroom chocolate find it better to consume this psychedelic chocolate around their fellow trip members. If you are a psilocybin chocolate lover hurry and visit our inventory.

Funguy Chocolate Bar Your Perfect Microdosing Partner

The genius of our Funguy shroom chocolate bars is they can easily be split into perfect microdose-size pieces. Hence consumers can control how much psilocybin they consume after every bite.

“You can divide Funguy Chocolates into 4 pieces . Each piece contains 200 mg of psilocybin mushrooms”. We advise cutting each piece in half (100 mg) or quarters (50 mg) for an appropriate psilocybin microdose routine. One Fun Guy Chocolate bar should last you between 1-2 days, depending on your dosing routine .”

Furthermore, for those new to psilocybin or those seeking to obtain its benefits regularly, micro-dosing represents an easy and effective way to dip one’s toes in the proverbial psychedelic pool. Once more microdosing allows you to lean into an altered mood and perspective rather than venture into outer space on a hero’s journey.


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