We are offering our amazing customers a limited time Featured Special Half Ounce “14 grams”. The Featured Special Half Ounce is the same high quality magic mushrooms that we are known for but just at a special low price. Featured Special Half Ounce Shrooms are sold in limited quantities and only while supplies last.

Featured Special Half Ounce (14 grams): Thrasher Magic Mushrooms

Thrasher Magic Mushrooms are a variety similar to that of Melmac Penis Envy, a strain that was originally discovered by Terrence McKenna and Steven Pollack. Some growers even claim this variety carries all the same benefits of P.E but offers even faster colonization. Because of this Thrashers are high a potent variety of magic mushroom known for their elongated stems and light golden hued caps.


When you consume Thrashers expect a high level of potency. Our staff have reported that these mushrooms came on quick and felt as though they made the world constrict and expand in waves while being washed in euphoria. Start slow and gradually work your way up in dose with this highly potent variety.


Thrasher Magic Mushrooms – 14 grams


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