Blue Magnolia Rust is a rare magic mushroom strain known for its high potency. Also known as Psilocybe Cubensis Blue Magnolia Rust, this strain was developed in 2011 by mycologists Doc and Mycotek after collecting samples from a wild Mississippi strain. As such, it’s a newer psilocybe cubensis strain that every shroom enthusiast needs to try.

These magic mushrooms are recognizable by their bluish caps, moderately thick stems, and rusty spots throughout their caps. Comparable in potency to Penis Envy magic mushrooms, you can rely on Blue Magnolia shrooms to give you a sensational psychoactive experience. Many users report vivid visuals and spiritual experiences under the influence of Blue Magnolia Rust.

This magic mushroom strain is particularly rare, so buy while supplies last. You can buy Blue Magnolia Rust magic mushrooms safely and discreetly at Magic Mushrooms Dispensary.

Blue Magnolia Rust Effects

Blue Magnolia Rust is an especially potent psilocybe cubensis strain. They’ll give you the same kind of effects you’d expect from other psilocybin mushrooms, including colorful visuals, enhanced senses, heightened mood, and an enjoyable body high, but the effects will be much stronger than what you’d get from many other strains.

Users often report feeling meditative and spiritual after taking Blue Magnolia Rust magic mushrooms. They can help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety and can also help you explore your creativity. Visual and auditory hallucinations are common and you may also experience a warped sense of time.

Lower doses will deliver milder effects, albeit you’ll still notice strong shifts in your mood and enhancements in your senses and creativity.

Blue Magnolia Rust Dosage

Due to their potency, Blue Magnolia Rust mushrooms are not recommended for first-timers, especially as taking too much can result in a bad trip. Even small doses can deliver hard-hitting effects, so this magic mushroom strain is best for seasoned psychonauts looking for a sensational psychoactive experience.

It’s best to start with a museum dose of 0.5g to 1.5g. At this range, you’ll experience mild visuals, introspective thoughts, and a boost in your senses. Everything will seem more vivid and interesting. Higher doses of up to 3.5g can unleash hallucinations and spiritually-meaningful experiences.

You can also microdose Blue Magnolia shrooms by taking a lower dose of 0.25g to 0.5g. This can still significantly boost your mood, senses, and creativity, but the effects will be more manageable than with higher doses. Please read our FAQ section for more details.

Buy Blue Magnolia Rust Magic Mushrooms Online

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Blue Magnolia Rust magic mushrooms are available in various quantities to suit your needs and purposes. Fans of microdosing may want to start with a 1g purchase whereas those who want to stock up on these shrooms can buy as much as 28g. Buying more gives you greater savings and free shipping is available on all orders over $99.


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